If you are fagged about your woolen clothes and wanna know about washing woolen clothes with proper care, then get along with us to know better. In winters, washing winter sweaters can be tedious process because they get dirty easily and hence they need to be kept clean. You can wash them at home but you need to be little careful with certain things.

Washing winter sweaters


Be cautious about your warm clothes with the following things:

  • Never use detergent or soap bars to wash your woolen clothes. There are special liquid soaps in the market today which can be used to wash them up.
  • Wash the warm clothes separately which you feel that the color might fade out and stain the other clothes as well.
  • Never wash the woolen clothes in hot water because they will leave your clothes crushed.
  • Never brush down the woolen clothes because they might get torn and damaged. Just soak them for one hour and then wash them gently.
  • Never try to use whiteners on white woolen clothes because it might spoil the natural whitening.
  • Once you wash them, dry the clothes by spreading them on a clean table or floor. As they get dried a little, hang them up with a hanger outside.

The above things need to be kept in mind while washing winter sweaters and warm clothes so that it lasts for a longer time. Get to know more about things to do during winter.