If you are here reading this article then I am sure you must be looking something about — what can you do with a business administration degree or something associated. Before I give you the answer, here is a quick introduction.

What Can You Do With A Business Administration Degree

What Is A Business Profession?

A business profession usually involves obvious functions like marketing and management. However, you will see more varied forms these days. The best thing is that there is a great demand for business majors. So, one can apply in international commerce, government centers, arts, healthcare and other nonprofit organizations. Whether it is social, political or economic systems, business principles serve the base. It is more like a backbone.

Why Should You Have A Business Degree?

According to BLS (Bureau of Labor Statistics), by the year 2022, the employment rate for administrative managers or people with a business administration degree is estimated to grow by 12%. With over 1-million graduates entering American workforce each year, employers’ hopes are getting bigger. Business is one such area where enduring education — for established pros is crucial to stay competitive. Therefore, it is important to pursue a solution or practical based business education, where one could combine established theories with real-life applications. This is extremely vital in the current industry because these 2 factors contribute in making one successful.

A business degree is a highly practical study. The curriculum offers students with different real-world experiences. Thereby, giving a smooth switch from school to profession. Apart from this, students are recommended to prepare with changes happening around the market. Rather focusing on theories, it is important to have practical knowledge as well, especially when it comes to a high-demanding field like “business”. Pursue a career path, which is more close to your interests & talents. You cannot predict what kind of changes market will face. Hence, take time to assess what skills you have and what you can offer. Evaluate your interests, needs and goals. And depending on a region you specialize, you could apply for designations like innovative thinker, problem solver, compulsive listener & confident pioneer.

What It Takes To Be A Good Business Major?

A business degree will more often involve working with statistical analysis and numbers. Therefore, one has to be good in math. One must have the skill to ‘perceive a bigger picture’, especially considering organizational structures, group goals, raw materials & developing creative strategies to move the projects up.

As a student of business, you must have the ability to:

  • Excel in teamwork
  • Communicate succinct written & verbal information
  • Work under sustained pressure

What Can You Do With A Business Administration Degree?

While researching about different business professions, I came across a very frequently asked question – what can I do with a business administration degree? If you are confused with the same, then read further. I am going to explain you in detail about it.

Whether you are pursuing a business administration degree or already have one, then there are 2 things you can do with it

  1. Apply in a reputed firm to work under someone. This will get your usual monthly pay in turn
  2. Start your own business with the knowledge you have

If you have a business administration degree and option-1 is your preference, then there are endless career opportunities. I am listing a few to you

1. Healthcare Administrator

Salary: Between $35,317 & $104,033

A healthcare administrator establishes healthcare standards, plans policy decisions & implements staff management procedures. He or she partners with other different healthcare firms, complies with government laws, advocates and testifies on behalf of healthcare policies.

As the current healthcare industries, take up business-like approaches — Health Management Organization (HMO), the demand for healthcare management degrees have drastically grown. A business-oriented healthcare degree is exclusively designed to assist professionals handle human resource logistics, increased costs, varied economic considerations & insurance regulations.

2. Accountant

Salary: Between $49,700 & $71,690

An accountant is more like a number cruncher. He or she is a professional, who handles financial records of a business. An accountant is completely responsible for making sure that the company taxes are paid correctly and on time. Handling such confidential things of a business makes them feel more like a financial security employee. Wherever and whenever money is involved, an accountant is required. It can range from a simple small store to multinational corporations and even schools, churches, hospitals etc.

3. Business Manager

Salary: Between $52,700 & $73,651

If you are still pondering what can you do with a business administration degree then here is another great job opportunity to consider. Business managers are professionals, who handle the major operations of a business efficiently. They contribute in a great way to increase the business revenue. To become a business manager, one should have skills in research, public relations, marketing, sales, data processing, operations analysis, economics, math, finance, production, auditing, accounting, statistics, budgeting, personnel and tax. Not only is the field competitive but one should have wide knowledge.

4. Commercial Loan Officer

Salary: Between 56,490 & $74,350

A commercial loan officer is a lending or financial institution’s gatekeeper. He or she makes decisions regarding who can be approved and who cannot be for a loan. Commercial loans entail big amounts of money & layers of intricacy. Therefore, they are much different from consumer loans. In fact, some loans are so big that a bank cannot supply the total requested amount, meaning a loan officer has to work along other financial firms to collect the required funds. Therefore, a loan officer should have good numbers skills.

5. Retail Manager

Salary: Between 53,306 & $72,140

A retail manager is a professional, who looks after all the aspects of cost-effective operations, wherein goods are sold. He or she hires staffs, trains staffs, manages inventory, maintain sales and upholds better customer relationships.