Even if you are not related to any of the hi-fi technologies of today you must have heard the term “IP address” at least once in your life.  There may also be least chances for you to know the notion of what is the IP address and how it works in the cyberspace? Let’s have a clear idea on this concept.

An IP address is nothing but a captivating product of this modern computer world which is especially designed to let one computer (or any digital device) to collaborate or communicate with the rest of all computers in the public internet. These fascinating IP addresses enable us to identify the location of nearly billion digital devices. The only thing is,these devices should be connected to the public network. To make it as simple IP addresses are like our postal addresses (no address will not be same). If anyone wants to send a letter they can reach you through the Mailing address. In the same sense any one wants to send you an electronic mail to your computer you will need a unique IP address.

What Is The IP Address

IP- means Internet Protocol, Thus any IP address represents an Internet Protocol address. So what is meant by Internet Protocol? An Internet Protocol is comprised of set of rules that governs all Internet activities. It also facilitates the completion of various different kind of actions to be accomplished on WWW. In simple words IP takes care of all online communications just by identifying all initiating devices along with the various destinations located in the internet. In this way,it makes a two-way communication.

An IP address is made up of four numbers, each of these numbers are composed of 1 to 3, these four numbers will be separated by the dot. These 4 numbers are ranging from 0  – 255. Given below is an example of how an IP address will look like This IP address actually helps us to send as well as retrieve any data on the internet with other computers. It ensures the correct delivery of our messages to the correct destination. It is impossible to communicate with other computer without this 4 number numeric.

What Is The Static IP Address

IP addresses can either be a static one or dynamic one. If The IP Address is static it will not change as its name implies. They are like permanent postal addresses. Static IP Addresses gives a very simple & reliable way through which any remote computers can easily contact you. Static IP addresses shows these kind of information in the format of continentàcountryà regionàcity, where the computer is resided.  If you Want to locate any IP address you can utilize the free IP Address lookup program provided by many websites. If you are really curious about this service you can get a list of this service providing websites with the simple Google search.

What Is The Dynamic IP Address

We have seen what is a static IP address .Now let’s explore about Dynamic IP addresses. These IP addresses are temporary IP addresses and these are assigned freshly when each time that digital device or computer connects to the Internet. To state in simple words, theses addresses are taken from a pool of IP addresses which are shared between various computers. Because of the limited availability of static IP addresses so many Internet Service Providers set aside a portion of their assigned IP addresses for these sharing purposes among various digital devices connected to the internet. VOIP makes an extensive use of Static IP addresses.

Dynamic IP Addresses are cost effective. These are generally used by the ISP’s. As the name suggests the IP address assigned by the ISP’s will change every time user logs on. As the IP address is dynamic, it poses less security risks. Using the DHCP protocol ISP’S reuses the IP Addresses to several users. Dynamic IP Addresses are more suitable for small business owners and personal usages.

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