Writing about fastest cars, stylish cars, powerful cars or expensive cars are pretty easy because there are many brands competing to get that winning title. Moreover, people will be curious to see who lags behind. But as far as the slowest cars are concerned, it seems little complicated. After a very time-consuming research, I have generated the list of 5 slowest cars in the world. Take a look.

Reference: Magazine8.com – 15 Slowest Cars In The World That Are Highly Priced

5 Of The Slowest Cars In The World

To keep this list a little surprise, I thought of writing down the slowest cars in reverse chronological order. So let us see what we have out here.

No 5: Smart Fortwo CDI

  • Price – $12,000 to $15,000
  • Top Speed – 135 km/hr (83 m/hr)
  • Weight – 1653 lb
  • Turbo Diesel Engine – 799 cc

Slowest Cars In The World

Image Credit: thesmart.ca

Taking the 5th position in the slowest car in the world list is none other than “Smart Fortwo CDI”. It is a rear engine & rear wheel-drive version. This car has the capacity to hold only 2 passengers. The 2-door city car is marketed & manufactured by Dailmer AG. The best thing about this car is that it is eco-friendly, meaning it emits very low CO2. Moreover, when it comes to safety measures, this little cell truly makes it.

No 4: Tata Nano

  • Price – $1,700
  • Top Speed – 60 km/hr (37 m/hr)
  • Weight – 1300 lb
  • Engine – 624 cc

what is the slowest car in the world

Image Credit: tatanano.com

Tata Motors manufactures this car and is widely seen on Indian roads. Even though the car was launched with a price tag of $1700 originally, over time, it increased. The car was designed with a motive to lure India’s promising middle class families away from 2-wheelers. Nano received a lot of publicity during its launch (for its low cost) and sales remained steady for the first 2 years but gradually, it dropped because of its nonessential features and underwhelming customer response. If you are willing to get one, then think again because it lacks safety, antilock brakes, power brakes, map pockets and even air conditioning.

No 3: Renault Twizy

  • Price – $10,000
  • Top Speed – 45 km/hr (28 m/hr)
  • Weight – 992 lb
  • Lithium-Ion Battery – 6.1 kWh

what is the slowest car in the world

Image Credit: sewardgroup.co.uk

Yet another slowest car in the world is none other than “Renault Twizy”. This is a 2-passenger battery powered electric vehicle, which is manufactured at Valladolid, Spain. This car was debuted as the “concept car” at 2009’s Frankfurt Motor Show & was designed by Luciano Bove and Francoise Leboinne. During March 2012, Twizy was opened to France market, followed by UK and other European nations a month later. It comes in 3 different models, each with its own price tag.

No 2: Aixam Coupe S

  • Price – $16,177
  • Top Speed – 45 km/hr (28 m/hr)
  • Weight – 771 lb
  • Diesel Engine – 400 cc

slowest cars in the world

Image Credit: aixam.co.uk

Aixam Corporation’s has its motto as “Secure, Safe, Stylish & Slow”. Keeping these factors in mind, Aixam launched its “Coupe S”. It has been crash-tested and offers safer drive to your 16-year. Speed is something we all want when it comes to car but this is certainly not the one if you want a high-end car. So, a Aixam Coupe S might never impress a hardcore driver. However, this car is launched to treat schoolyards. Yes, this ‘light quadricycle’ is more often driven by 16-year teens. Though it is one of the slowest cars in the world, it still can beat a school bus. The good thing is that one doesn’t requires a driving license to use this car on public roads. Apart from its big price tag, teens might also struggle paying its insurance, which comes around $3560 a year. This slow car is been manufactured by a French and was launched at Britain. This would be a great option for kids, whose parents are concerned about their safety measures while driving. While scooters and mopeds aren’t safer, teens can use this for a safe transport. It carries only 1 passenger though.

What Is The Slowest Car In The World?

No 1: Peel P50

  • Price – $17,000 to $20,000
  • Top Speed – 45 km/hr (28 m/hr)
  • Maximum Speed – 16 km/hr (10 m/hr)
  • Weight – less than 132 lb
  • Engine – 49 cc

slowest cars in the world

Image Credit: peelengineering.com

Here comes the position, which you are curious to know more. The slowest car in the world is none other than “Peel P50”. It is the world’s slowest car recognized by Guinness. Top speed limit, size, engine and price are other determining factors to title this car as the “world’s slowest”. This is a 3-wheeled micro car, which were once manufactured by Manx Peel Engineering Company during the year 1963 & 1964. They were advertised as “1 adult & 1 shopping bag” phrase.

According to Guinness World Record, the smallest car in the world P50 is only 53-inches long & 39-inches wide. It comes in 3 standard colors

  • Capri Blue
  • Dragon Red
  • Daytona White

Though the interior space allows for only one seat, meaning you can’t even have someone with you. Moreover, the driver himself or herself finds it extremely hard to fit in. So, the advertising saying about this car — “1 adult & 1 shopping bag” serves correct. It has only one door that opens on its left and so far 45 cars have been manufactured. Surprisingly, this car doesn’t have a reverse gear. Happily, this car is so light that it is possible for one to pick up & turn it around. This is the reason why reversal isn’t required.

Recently in the year 2010, a new company named “Peel Engineering Limited” initiated the replica version. This firm is based in England. Even though this car looked similar to the one created the 1964 company, there were many key mechanical changes done with its steering, drivertrain and suspension. The worst part – they are not legally allowed on roads. It is just a display version.

I hope you are now clear with the question what is the slowest car in the world. If you have any useful information associated with slowest cars, feel free to drop them in the comments box.