If you are a owner of a cat then you must have certainly experienced its licks and gentle bites. It really hurts to see your little pet licking your toes and feet. This often makes you wonder why does my cat lick me? Well, read this article to know about it.

Why Does A Cat Lick You?


You will sometimes be perplexed by your pet’s (cat) behavior, particularly when they offer you a bite or nip & then he or she licks you directly afterwards. Now, this type of behavior isn’t unusual. This is very common among cats as well as dogs. It is a sign of showing their affection towards you.

You cat licking you is a very common behavior among cats and is considered as a mark of affection & never aggression. So, what is your feline friend trying to convey you with its licks? Pretty simple – they just Love You and it is their way of showing care and affection. Just like we humans offer a kiss when we love someone, cats lick in order to express their soft side. It is their own way of offering you kiss!

Often, a cat kiss can seem like a spiky pinch or a bite, which can really hurt. But keep in mind – never get aggressive or angry when they do this to you because you will end up confusing your poor puss. Whenever your feline companion gives you a stiff love bite, then just be little firm & say No! This is the right way to make your puss understand that it is still okay to show its affection but never to cause pain to you.

It is a common emotional behavior and cat don’t lick or bite you because they want to hurt you or something. Cats simply kiss you just they would do to other cats. Since a cat has thicker fur & its nerve endings at its skin are not close to skin’s surface as ours, it requires nipping harder to express its affection. As far as the cats are concerned, this kind of affection is completely acceptable. However, as pet owners, it isn’t a pleasant experience when bitten by them.

How To Stop Your Cat From Licking?

In order to stop this kind of licking behavior, one needs to train its cat. A pet owner has to train his or her cat in a way that she doesn’t bites. Yes, this will take little time and throughout the phase, you will have to be 100% persistence and patience. You will have to make it learn to stop licking completely. Even though many cats enjoy when their pet owners are affectionate but try to not caress them in excess. This can truly over excite cats.

What Does An Over Excited Do?

Over excited kitties exhibits different tell tale signals like

  • Rubbing
  • Purring
  • Chirping
  • Quivering of tail

The above behaviors are often against you. The over excited cats usually cannot control emotions. Hence, be prepared if your cat desires to kiss you. When you get close to your cat just make sure to look at its tail first because this is its mood detector.

Note: Whenever its tail quivers with excitement, then just avoid contact since you may end up with love bites. And I don’t think you will want that from a cat?

If you really want to approach a cat, then make sure that it’s in good mood. Its tail has to look calm & only its tip gently moves. If they are unhappy, then their tail flicks from side-to-side. Therefore, it is better to stay away from contacting physically much with them or at least until cats return in better mood. Be acquainted with its mood swings & if they bite & lick you, always remember that it is their appeal of expressing LOVE.