Game of Thrones Prequel | Bloodmoon | Release Date | Plot

Game of Thrones Prequel | Bloodmoon | Release Date | Plot

Game of Thrones is THE SHOW of this generation. Everyone’s seen it and love it, although there were mixed reviews about the finale. Nevertheless, this is one of the best shows in television history. The CGI and visual effects used in this show were much better than what is used in some movies. So naturally, the expectations for the season finale were at an all time peak, and there were bound to be some disappointments. But all that is long forgotten (but not really forgiven) as fans are now looking forward to the Game of Thrones Prequel (Bloodmoon).

 Game of Thrones Prequel | Bloodmoon | Release Date | Plot

Bloodmoon (tentative title), the GoT Prequel is one of the five possible spin-offs that HBO has officially talked about. Although some fans wanted to see an Arya Stark spin-off that focuses completely on “What’s west of Westeros?”, it doesn’t seem likely. This one is executively produced by George R.R Martin. This show is all about the history of Westeros – a thousand years before Game of Thrones begins. It should be interesting to watch all the events in detail that led to Game of Thrones. And since this happens centuries before Game of Thrones begins, none of the actors from Game of Thrones will make an appearance.

 George R.R Martin wants the show to be titled The Long Night. However, Bloodmoon is the unconfirmed title as of now. 


The most exciting subject that this spin-off will cover is the origin of the White Walkers. After the Game of Thrones finale, many fans were disappointed that this subject was not even touched. The reason is that the prequel is going to deal with this in detail. And if the other spin-offs justify the writers making Bran the King of Westeros and sending Jon to the land beyond the wall, we are sure going to be open to it (just anything to explain it all).

 Game of Thrones Prequel | Bloodmoon | Release Date | Plot

News now is that the pilot episode of the prequel has been shot. Which is huge. This means we are one step closer to seeing the series on air. Editing is going on in full swing now, getting us closer to the finished product. We have all our hopes on George R.R Martin and we trust that he will not let another supposed disaster like the Game of Thrones finale happen right under his nose. We were obviously not expecting a happy ending (come on, it’s Game of Thrones). But we were definitely not expecting what actually happened.

 Bloodmoon will supposedly have a budget much bigger than Game of Thrones did. Yeah, you read that right. 



  • Since the show is set hundreds of decades before Game of Thrones, there probably won’t even be an Iron Throne. And maybe, the Targaryens hadn’t even descended yet. So, probably no dragons? And even the Kingdoms would be all different.
  • Maybe no Kings Landing. Who knows? We may get to see the ancestors of the Starks. Yayyy!
  • The show will definitely explain in detail the origin of the white walkers and the role the children of the forest had to play in it.

Game of Thrones Prequel Release Date?

Although the first episode of the spin-off has wrapped up shooting, there has been no official release date set. But knowing Game of Thrones, the show is expected to release in late 2020 or early 2021.

Some more news and spoilers

What about the Game of Thrones Prequel excites you the most? What would you like the show to cover? Let us know in the comments section.

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