Is Alexander Babu one of the Best Standup Comics in the Country?

Is Alexander Babu one of the Best Standup Comics in the Country?

Alexander Babu has become such a familiar name in our household. He is a stand-up comedian who entered the scene less than half a decade ago. Alex used to work as a software engineer (the most ridiculed profession of the country at the moment). After realizing that it was not his cup of tea, he quit and tried his luck in the Indian stand-up scene.

Is Alexander Babu one of the Best Standup Comics in the Country?

Due to his “boy”-next-door face and his immense talent, he has become one of the best standup comics in the country in no time. It usually takes aspirants decades to reach the milestones that he has. He is also a very ardent yoga fanatic. Alex also teaches yoga in his free time. He sights yoga as the reason for his youth. No, it’s true. He is actually 40+. After performing at several comedy clubs, he joined Bhargav (Baggy the comic) and did a duo show called Yogi and the Bear. The show was a great success and brought both of them a lot of recognition. Especially, their opening musical act was much-loved by the crowd.

After this, Alexander Babu got all geared up with his first solo standup comedy show called “Alex in Wonderland”. Thanks to his inherent talent in music, he blends both his musical and standup skills to create the perfect show. He starts the show with an “invocation” sing that brings together the three major religions in India. And if you have been following his work, you would know that he doesn’t think twice before making fun of his own religion.

Alex in Wonderland

The best thing about Alexander Babu is that he doesn’t rely on sexual innuendos and “dirty” comedy to make the audience laugh. The very “vanilla” show is totally appropriate for children who can sit through a show without creating a racket. And having hailed from Tamil Nadu and being a part of the generation that witnessed the “Golden” period of Tamil cinema music, Alex effortlessly takes you on a trip down memory lane. And makes you live through the entire era. He finds something unique about each musician and celebrity he mentions and doesn’t fail to make fun of them while widely appreciating them at the same time.

Alex appeals to the fans of these musicians and makes them his own. He treads the line of offending fans and making jokes very carefully and no one is hurt. He talks about legends like MSV, Sivaji Ganesan, Ilaiyaraja, AR Rahman and many more. Alex has taken the show to many countries like the US, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, and the UK and performed to full-packed houses.

If you have not caught his show live, you should watch it on Amazon Prime right now.
Everyone who loves Tamil film music will love Alex in Wonderland.

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