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Upcoming James Bond Movie | Release Date & Plot

Next James Bond Movie | Release Date & Plot

007. A man with the license to kill. Who could be cooler than James Bond? The upcoming James Bond movie is one of the most anticipated films for all Bond fans all over the globe. This is probably because it has been four years since the last James Bond flick released. Spectre released in 2015, which is the second highest-grossing Bond film of all time. The first one obviously being Skyfall. Skyfall is the film that all fans agree is Bond’s best. Daniel Craig’s charm, style, and action throughout the film were unmatched. This was complemented by Adele’s scintillating song “Skyfall” that played at the end credits.

The next Bond film is rumored to be called Shatterhand. It is yet to be officially confirmed. But fans have not really been loving the proposed title and since there is a lot of time until the movie is to be released, there is a good chance for the title to be changed.

And although there has been a lot of speculation about whether Daniel Craig will reprise the iconic role or not, it has been confirmed that he indeed will play Bond. This will be his fifth time taking on the role of Bond. Sadly, this is for sure is his last time reprising this role. But fans definitely want him to continue playing Bond. However, he finds it too strenuous. And he has already been accepted by fans as one of the best actors to ever don the role. And God knows he’s made a LOT of money. So what else does he need?

Release Date of the Upcoming James Bond movie?

The tentative release date of the Upcoming James Bond film – Shatterhand (unconfirmed title) is April 8, 2020. Although the date may be pushed back, it is certain to release in 2020.

List of all James Bond Movies

Some of the actors being considered for the role are Richard Madden (of Game of Thrones fame), Tom Hiddleston (of Avengers), Aidan Turner (of Poldark), Idris Elba (of The Wire and Luther) and Harry Styles (of One Direction).

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