Stranger Things Season 4 | Release Date, Plot Twists

Stranger Things Season 4? Yes? No? Release Date? Wait. The third season of Stranger Things released on 4 July 2019 and is the most successful global launch on Netflix in the first few days.

 Can you believe that 18 million people binge-watched the whole show in the first four days following its release? 

Stranger Things Season 4

While we have all binge-watched and enjoyed Stranger Things Season 3, one can’t help but wonder when the next season is scheduled to release. While the third season was definite about some plots in the storyline, there are still many loose ends. So there is obviously gonna be a fourth season.

Watch the trailer of the third season here

You guys should know that the show is yet to be officially renewed. Shawn Levy, the show’s executive producer has said in 2018 that the show will at least go on for four seasons. Phew. Considering this and the holes still left in the plotline, we can be assured of a Stranger Things Season 4.

When should fans expect Stranger Things Season 4?

Since the show has not even been officially renewed yet, we cannot be sure. However, if we follow the pattern of the release dates of the previous seasons, it seems like the fourth season will debut in the fall of 2020.

Stranger Things Season 1 July 2016
Stranger Things Season 2 October 2017
Stranger Things Season 3 July 2019
Stranger Things Season 4 October 2020???

 !Spoilers Ahead! 

Considering the questions that the finale of Stranger Things Season 3 has left us with

  • Does Hopper really die?
  • Does Eleven really lose her powers?
  • Who is the American?
  • Incarceration of a Demogorgon?

Can we really wait for Season 4?

And since the show has not even started filming their fourth season, there is obviously no trailers yet. But there is a hell of a lot of theories about what could happen in season 4.

You guys should also know that there is a very good possibility that the fourth season may be the last that we see of Stranger Things.

Although Shawn Levy has said that there is a possibility of a fifth, they also do not want to overdo it. David Harbour said that it was important to bow out at the right time.

So let’s just keep our fingers crossed and hope that we don’t have to wait long for the next season. And let us all pray that the fourth season doesn’t disappoint us.

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