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What is the Cast of FRIENDS doing now?

What is the Cast of F.R.I.E.N.D.S doing now? The TV Show F.R.I.E.N.D.S has made an everlasting impact on us. Other than the obvious reruns that we keep doing over and over again, we also wonder what happened to the actors now? What is the Cast of FRIENDS doing now? Do they also watch the iconic TV show over and over again? What else do they watch? Seinfeld? LOL. Read on to know what the actors Courteney Cox, Jennifer Aniston, Matt LeBlanc, David Schwimmer, Matthew Perry, and Lisa Kudrow do now. They played characters Monica Geller, Rachel Green, Joey Tribbiani, Ross Geller, Chandler Bing, and Phoebe Buffay respectively. So what is the cast of FRIENDS doing now?

1| What is Courteney Cox doing now?

what is the cast of friends doing now

Cox will always remain the friendly neighborhood girl, Monica to millions of her fans around the world. People have simply fallen in love with her character. Her obsession with cleaning, her passion for cooking, her fat past – all of this showed fans different elements of her character that they couldn’t help falling in love with. It is common knowledge that Courteney Cox was originally asked to audition for the role of Rachel Green. But since she could relate more to Monica, she chose to play the part of Monica Geller.

Many of you may not know this but Cox starred in the hit horror series Scream while she was doing FRIENDS. The final movie of the Scream franchise released in 2011. Cox also separated from her husband David Arquette and eventually got divorced in 2012. She has also appeared in Web Therapy, Lisa Kudrow’s show.

Courteney Cox produced and starred in a show called Cougar Town. The show went on for 6 seasons on ABC and TBS but eventually got canceled in 2015.

Courteney Cox has also recently joined Instagram with Ellen’s help.

She is now working on a web series that’s going to air on Facebook Watch called Nine Months. It’s going to be a journey with 15 families during the months leading to the birth of their respective children.

Networth: $120 million (approximately)

2| What is JENNIFER ANISTON doing now?

what is the cast of friends doing now

Aniston has always been every girl’s favorite actress. Teenage girls relate to her character Rachel Green so much. Be it her spoiled nature on the show, her complete indifference to cooking, her sense of fashion and style, girls have fallen head over heels in love with her. Even in real life, she is a role model for many women. She is no stranger to yoga which is the secret to her young looks. Does she look like she just turned 50? She is also one of the most successful of the FRIENDS cast.

Her recent film, Murder Mystery co-starring Adam Sandler just released on Netflix. The film is about a married couple to go on their honeymoon, years after being married and get sucked into a murder mystery.

Networth: $240 million (approximately)

3| What is MATT LEBLANC doing now?

what is the cast of friends doing now

JOEY DOESN’T SHARE FOOD! How many of us have quoted that to our friends? Joey is a character who LOVES food. And women. He loves them both so much that he cannot even choose one of them. He wants “girls on bread”. LOL. No one but Matt LeBlanc could have played the role of Joey so beautifully. Joey’s unflinching loyalty to his friends and his blatant idiocy is what made us all fall madly in love with the character.

He starred in a show called Joey, in which he played the titular role. The show didn’t go that well and ended after just two seasons. Following this, he executively produced a supernatural film called Jonah Hex.

After this, he played “himself” in the series Episodes, for which he won his first Golden Globe although he has been nominated many times previously. Just like Courteney Cox, he also appeared on Lisa Kudrow’s Web Therapy.

He is now starring in a series called Man with a Plan. Where he plays the lead role of a stay at home dad. The role was written to suit the actor.

Networth: $60 million (approximately)

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4| What is DAVID SCHWIMMER doing now?

david schwimmer

Pivot Pivot Pivot! Who wouldn’t love beloved Ross Geller? Schwimmer played the role of Ross Geller so well and made us all die-hard fans of the character. His acting skills on the show was much appreciated. His obsession with dinosaurs, the whole We were on a Break! and Ross- the Divorce Force is all that made us love the show even more. Ross was Monica’s brother, Chandler’s roommate, Rachel’s lover and Phoebe and Joey’s friend. We cannot even imagine how the show would have been without Ross’s character.

 Do you know that David Schwimmer was first offered Will Smith’s role in Men in Black, which he turned down? 

Unlike the others, Schwimmer just wanted to hide from public eye after FRIENDS wrapped up. After years, David Schwimmer starred in American Crime Story: People vs OJ Simpson, which aired in 2016. He may also appear in Season 10 of Will and Grace.

Networth: $85 million (approximately)

5| What is MATTHEW PERRY doing now?


Can I interest you in a sarcastic comment? Chandler Bing is remembered for his sarcasm (DUH!), his constant failure with women and his friendship with Joey. Matthew Perry played the role so well and is also funny in real life. He also co-wrote some of the lines on the show.

Of all the actors on the show, Matthew Perry is the one who has struggled the most dealing with money and fame. He was very addicted to pain killers. He was in a terrible jet-ski accident in 1997 and continued taking the painkillers long after he stopped needing them. His addiction to alcohol and painkillers got so bad that he doesn’t even remember shooting three seasons of the show. Also, his weight kept fluctuating throughout various seasons of the show.

Perry has been into and out of rehab multiple times. He also opened a rehabilitation center called the Perry house to help other people battle addiction but it eventually shut down. This led to him being awarded the “Champion of Recovery Award” at The White House under the Obama administration.

Networth: $80 million (approximately)

6| What is LISA KUDROW doing now?

lisa kudrow


Be it her erratic behaviour, her love for nature, animals, and other random things and her complete hatred for other normal things, Lisa Kudrow played the character of Phoebe Buffay with such grace. The character was loved by all of the fans of the show. No one could dislike Phoebe Buffay. She had her brother’s triplets! ROFL.

Right after FRIENDS, she starred on a show called The Comeback which is about an actor who tries to make a comeback in the industry. She also executively produced, co-created and wrote the show. The show ran for one season in 2005. It was revived for another season in 2014.

She had a fairly successful improv comedy web series called The Web Therapy in which Courteney Cox and Matt LeBlanc guest starred. She plays the role of a therapist who has come upon a new form of therapy called “Web Therapy”.

Networth: $70 million

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