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What is the cast of SEINFELD doing now?

What is the cast of Seinfeld doing now

What is the cast of Seinfeld doing now? Seinfeld was THE SHOW that set the benchmark for
sitcoms. A show about “Nothing”, Seinfeld premiered in 1989. The show has been loved and has
millions of fans all over the world. Seinfeld is one of the very few shows that was still good even when it ended after 9 successful seasons in 1998 (*cough cough* Game of Thrones). The show was so successful that, many critics claimed that the other hit sitcom Friends, was inspired by this. A lot of minor similarities can be found between the two. As a matter of fact, even Jerry Seinfeld said that Friends was just Seinfeld with better a better-looking cast. Seinfeld was offered $5 million for each episode if he agreed to a 10th season. Well, what happened to the cast of Seinfeld?

However, he declined. He felt that it was very important for the show to end before fans
started getting bored. And he claims that the show is still so popular because they bowed out when
they did. Now, let us see what the cast of Seinfeld is doing now?

1| What is Jerry Seinfeld doing now?

What is the cast of SEINFELD doing now?

After the last season of Seinfeld aired in 1998, Seinfeld went back to being a full-time comedian
and did not venture into acting. He toured a show called “I’m telling you for the last time”, for years
and years. You can watch the show on Netflix.

Seinfeld is one of the most successful and richest comedians in the world. You would be interested
to know that one of the shows he acted in before Seinfeld called Benson, and he was fired without
even being informed because he had some creative differences with the creators. He still makes a
lot of money from Seinfeld itself. He is one of the very few comedians who is a Billionaire.

In 2012, he started hosting a Netflix web series Comedians in Cars getting Coffee. He also
produces it. The show is just a casual conversation between comedians about everything under
the sun and it’s so funny. Cos let’s face it, they are comedians. LOL. The show has been streamed
over 100 million times and needless to say, it is also a success.
Seinfeld is extremely passionate about stand-up comedy and says that he will perform stand-up for
as long as he can.

Networth: $1 billion (approximately)

2| What is Julia Louis-Dreyfus (Elaine Benes) doing now?

What is the cast of SEINFELD doing now?

Beloved happy go-lucky Elaine Benes was a character that no one but Dreyfus could have played
better. She made us fall in love with her childish yet mature portrayal of the character. All of us
could relate to her.

She is the only actress who has won the most awards in television history. She has won numerous
awards for her performances in the many shows that she has acted in.
Following the tremendous success of Seinfeld, she has acted in The New Adventures of Old
Christine and Veep.

After Seinfeld, she voiced a character on A Bug’s Life. She has also appeared in a lot of episodes
of Curb your Enthusiasm which was hosted by Seinfeld’s co-creator Larry David. She played a
fictional version of her character on Seinfeld, Elaine Benes.
Dreyfus wanted to play the character of “Susan Mayer” on the hit show Desperate Housewives.
But the role was backed by Teri Hatcher (who has coincidentally appeared in an episode of
Seinfeld). Dreyfus eventually played a recurring guest role in Arrested Development.

In 2011, she started starring in the hit television series Veep. She plays the protagonist, Selina
Meyer who is the Vice-President of the US. She is also one of the producers of the show.
In 2017, she was diagnosed with Breast Cancer, following which, the production of Veep was
suspended. She however appeared on Jimmy Kimmel’s show in 2018 and shared that she was

Networth: $200 million (approximately)

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3| What is Michael Richards (“Cosmo” Kramer) doing now?

What is the cast of SEINFELD doing now?

Compared to his colleagues on Seinfeld, Richards has won the most number of Emmys. And so
well-deserved. He played the character so well that every time he “opened the door”, the studio
audience would go crazy. He has been called “the best actor” on the show.

After the penultimate success of Seinfeld, he tried his hand at co-writing and co-producing The
Michael Richards Show. But the show unfortunately had to be cancelled due to negative reviews.
He has also appeared in Larry David’s Curb your Enthusiasm and Seinfeld’s Comedians in Cars
getting coffee. He has also guest-starred in numerous series and films over the years.

Networth: $45 million (approximately)

4| What is Jason Alexander (George Costanza) doing now?

What is Jason Alexander (George Costanza) doing now?

Alexander also appeared in David’s Curb your Enthusiasm. He appeared on Star Trek: Voyager.
Jason also played a guest role in FRIENDS as suicidal supply manager ‘Earl’. He has since
appeared in small roles in a lot of movies and series.

The most interesting thing about Alexander is that he competed in television Poker tournaments.
Although, in an episode of Seinfeld, his character George is mocked for not having a Poker face.

Networth: $50 million (approximately)

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