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What is the cast of TWO AND A HALF MEN doing now?

What is the cast of TWO AND A HALF MEN doing now?

What is the cast of Two and a half men doing now? The show aired in September 2003. It was one of the funniest sitcoms that ever aired on television. And after FRIENDS wrapped up in 2004, there was nothing else that was funny and light-hearted and so, Two and a half men was here to stay. The Malibu beach house. Charlie Harper’s charm. Alan Harper’s loser persona. Jake Harper’s idiocy. Judith’s bitchiness. Evelyn Harper’s warm mom aura (sense sarcasm). And Berta – the BEST housekeeper. Oh, and Walden Schmidt’s Money? We don’t know. What happened to the cast of Two and a half men? All of this made us fall in love with an incredible sitcom that two and a half men was. It ran for an incredible 12 seasons before being wrapped up in 2014.

So what is the cast of Two and a half men doing now?

1. What is Charlie Sheen doing now?

What is the cast of TWO AND A HALF MEN doing now?

Although, Charlie Sheen was the star of the hit sitcom, his life is a complete mess. This is because his lifestyle is much like that of Charlie Harper’s (the character he played on the hit sitcom). In 2011, a Comedy Central roast of Charlie Sheen happened and the show is the most successful roast to date. He also starred in a short-lived show called Anger Management.

In 2015, Sheen admitted openly that he was HIV positive which was diagnosed 4 years earlier. He had been with over 200 women since then. Although he admits that he was frank about his condition to them, many of them lashed out after his 2015 reveal. He admits that he paid approximately $10 million to blackmailers and extortionists who took advantage of his condition. His HIV reveal boosted sales of HIV home test kits. He has been into rehab for drug and alcohol abuse several times. Although he admits to still be smoking, he has completely stopped drinking. He shared his AA One year of Sobriety chip on social media. He has now taken to a life of proper workouts, yoga, and swimming.

Networth: $100 million (approximately)

2. What is Jon Cryer doing now?

What is the cast of TWO AND A HALF MEN doing now?

Cryer made guest appearances in many series after Two and a half men wrapped up. He released a book titled So That Happened which is kind of a record of his entire career path. He talks about Charlie Sheen’s downward spiral in great detail. But he has been very supportive of Sheen over the years and has stood by him as much as he possibly could. Much like his character Alan Harper, Cryer stayed on Two and a half men, after Sheen and Jones left. Coincidence? Cryer now stars as Navy Dr. Cyril Taft in hit series NCIS.

He also starred in Season 9 of the show Who Do You Think You Are? The show is all about tracing the genes and ancestors of its participants. Other famous stars like Lisa Kudrow have also participated in the series. In 2018, he was cast in Supergirl in a recurring role as Lex Luther.

Networth: $85 million (approximately)

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3. What is Angus T. Jones doing now?

What is the cast of TWO AND A HALF MEN doing now?

The “half” of the Two and a half men, Jones was one of the cutest kids to bag a role on a successful show. Jones is nothing like the role he plays on the sitcom. He is very religious and in an interview, he completely bashed two and a half men and advised viewers to not watch the show. He described the show as complete “filth”. Eventually, he released a statement retracting his comments about the show and apologising to the makers and his colleagues.

When viewers saw the Eleventh season of Two and a half men, many were disappointed to not see Jake’s friendly face. But Jones openly said that he couldn’t be on a show like Two and a half men and still hold on to his moral values. Jones made a cameo appearance in the series finale of the show.

Networth: $15 million (approximately)

4. What is Ashton Kutcher doing now?

After Charlie’s departure, Chuck Lorre was determined to keep the show going. Although, we all learned that the show was what it was because of Charlie Sheen. However, Lorre brought in Ashton Kutcher to play the role of the protagonist. His debut episode on the show had the most viewers the show’s ever had even considering when Sheen was on it. However, this success was shortlived. Kutcher made a reported $750,000 per episode and went on to star in the show for four seasons even though his initial contract was for one year only. Since the end of the show, Kutcher has made guest appearances on Shark Tank and Family Guy. In 2016, he starred in The Ranch, a Netflix show.

Networth: $200 million (approximately)

What is your take on all the drama that the series caused in real life? Is this one of your favorite shows? Let us know in the comments section.

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