Why are girls so cute? Honest answers from a GIRL!

Why are girls so cute

Why are girls so cute? Are we really? Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. So does cuteness. Something that one person may find cute may be irritating to the other person. So just as beauty is a relative term so is cuteness. But I totally understand why you think girls are so cute.

There is a scientific reason behind it. The male brain over the course of evolution has strong receptors that perceive women as small (I did not say inferior!) and cute creatures. And this has been happening since the stone age. Man has been going out and hunting to provide for his cute woman who made his house a home. And with evolving trends in fashion and beauty since the stone age (DUH!), man has only come to think that women have become cuter over time.

And also if you have watched F.R.I.E.N.D.S, you would know that a women’s pheromones come off the top of her head and that’s why men fall in love with them when they hug them. But that can’t be just scientific. There are a lot of things that we do, that make men fall head over heels with us. Just one act of cuteness is enough for a random guy to think that we are cute. It takes a very cute and sexy personality to make a guy fall head over heels in love with us.

  • We are just wired very differently then men. Some things that seem so big to us, don’t even qualify as problems in their eye. Wind blowing in our hair and ruining our hairstyle is such a big  deal to us but try complaining about it to men? Sigh. And they just think its cute when we get mad at them.

  • Once you get into a relationship, guys tend to stop worrying about their looks. But we need constant reassurances and ask if we are fat in every outfit we wear.

Why are girls so cute?

  • And we have to be honest about this. We all want to be treated like little princesses and queens. We just bat our eye-lids and make puppy faces and get our way most of the time. Are guys cute when they bat their eye-lids?

  • Dropping hints. All of us are guilty of this. When we know our birthday or anniversary is around the corner (read 6 months away), we start dropping hints. It’s either an outfit that we saw in a store window that was too cute or a ring that we tried on that fit perfectly. We put so much thought and effort into casually sliding these “random” hints into daily conversation and sometimes guys don’t even pick up on it and expect us to just tell them what we want. What We can’t be demanding cos we are cute.

  • This is true for all the cute foodies out there. We may be trying to lose a few pounds and say no to fries. But what happens when he gets his fries? We are not ashamed of what we do. If you knew us better, you would order extra fries anyway.

  • When we try to prove that we are physically stronger than them? Cuteness overload.

So it’s not just about our looks. It is our personality. We are just cute and can’t help it. What does your girlfriend or wide do that makes her the cutest little hamster? Let us know in the comments section.

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Written by John Markson

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