Driving is many things to many people. It is a sport, it is a hobby, it is a dream. But for some, it is almost like a pet peeve. Why do some people hate driving? Why can’t some people drive? Rather, why can’t they enjoy driving like so many of us do?


Driving is one of the universal hobbies that people enjoy. So some of us are appalled to find out that there are a lot of people who prefer not to drive. There are two broad categories of people who hate driving. One type is people who hate driving in traffic. Another type is people who absolutely hate driving at any cost.

Learning to Drive

For so many of us, the prospect of driving itself is very scary. We are too worried about the accidents we may cause. Or the accidents that may be caused to us. With such fear in our heads, it becomes impossible for us to actually get on the road and drive. Conquering this fear and driving with confidence is easier said than done.

Why do people hate driving in traffic?

It is not a secret that traffic can bring out the worst in you. Especially, if it is right in the morning on your way to work. Imagine you having to start your day with a stagnant hour or more spent driving in traffic? How would your day in office go? Everything in office would obviously irritate you.Traffic is a huge reason people don’t prefer driving. It is actually the number one reason that people hate driving. Taking a cab is much more convenient. And with Uber and Ola being so easily available in all major cities, why go through the hassle of driving when you can just relax in the backseat of the car and listen to music. Or perhaps, talk to a friend from school you haven’t heard from in years. This is how most people would want to start their day and I don’t blame them.

What about the people who just hate driving no matter what? Driving is one of those activities that requires the driver to always be alert. They have to constantly pay attention to the road and to every being or object that is or can potentially come in contact with said road. And for some people this may be hard. They may find it hard to constantly be alert when they could focus on having a good time with their friends if they take a cab. Added to all of this, there is always a possibility of being pulled over for speeding, not wearing the seatbelt, driving too slow on the highway, or any other thing that the cops may find impermissible. And it is not really nice when the chances of you getting a ticket increases during the holidays or at the end of the month.

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Do you hate driving because of the Traffic Rules?

Traffic rules are for our safety. Everyone knows that. So during your driving test, it is the duty of your traffic cop to make sure you are driving in a manner that neither puts you or fellow drivers or pedestrians at risk. And to drive in such a manner, you are required to look at the side mirrors and the rearview mirrors every few seconds so you don’t go too close to anyone or anything. Looking in the mirrors is a very important habit that a good driver has to develop. And this is the most common mistake made in driving tests. So is getting through a driving test so hard that you would rather not drive at all?

Automatic vs Manual

Some people who drive a stick hate driving or rather do not want to drive an automatic as they feel like driving an automatic car is like playing a video game. They feel like a real driver can handle a stick. On the other hand, those who are used to driving an automatic, find it hard and cumbersome to drive a manual car. And this makes them hate driving manual cars.

Why do you hate driving? Let us know in the comments section.


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Written by John Markson

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